W. R. Sorley


John Locke By W. R. SORLEY, Litt.D., F.B.A., Fellow of King’s College, Knightbridge Professor of Moral Philosophy

From The Cambridge History of English Literature, Volume 8, Published


  1. Locke the Most Important Figure in English Philosophy
  2. His Personal and Literary Life
  3. Controversy with Stillingfleet
  4. The “New Way of Ideas” Opened by Locke
  5. Plan of An Essay concerning Human Understanding
  6. Locke’s Doctrine of Knowledge
  7. Its Nature and Extent
  8. “The Twilight of Probability.” Two Treatises of Government
  9. Economic Writings
  10. Economists Contemporary with Locke: Sir William Petty
  11. Letters concerning Toleration
  12. Earlier Pleas
  13. Locke’s Views on Church and State
  14. Thoughts concerning Education; Locke’s Theory
  15. His Critics and Followers
  16. Richard Burthogge
  17. John Norris and his Ideal World